• Fashion: #1 Pastel Looks For Your Casual Week + Artsy Gifts For The Holidays

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  • Fashion: #1 Pastel Looks For Your Casual Week + Artsy Gifts For The Holidays
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 16, 2016
  • I nominate this purple satin jumpsuit as perfect comfort potential.

    Let's all say yes to comfort in the uncomfortable world of fashion. Yessss!

    Purple Satin Jumpsuit

    These pastel green overalls are cake too! They're super comfy and lovely.

    P.s. this color is #goals

    [Click pics to shop the look]

    Pastek Green Overalls

    Pastel bags win!

    Embroidered pastel crossbody bags with a clutch option, give me #feels all over!!!

    Embroidered Flower Purse Clutch

    Unicorn slippers with USB capacity for your toesies. Yesssss! Come thrrrrrrru with the Holiday gifts!!!

    My feetz feel cute already.

    Uniucorn Slippers

    Not a teacher, but I used to be. I'm always a teacher at heart. This teacher necklace is gorgeous!

    Teacher Necklace

    Flowery leggings are joy.

    Flower Leggings

    And this FEMINIST notebook.


    Feminist Notebook

    Click on the pics to buy.

    I'm Holiday shopping already, seriously.


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