• Fashion: Favorite Boots + Today's Quote

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  • Fashion: Favorite Boots + Today's Quote
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 29, 2016
  • Today.


    Christian Dior Fashion Blog

    I feel #throwback.

    Christian Dior Fashion Blogger

    So, Christian Dior 2015 was def a fav!

    Yay or nay?


    So, for years I've loved Nicoletta Ceccoli. Look at the imagination! The pureness, the crea...

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    My fav song on it is Cranes in the Sky. Also, this interview was everything. Also, what gets me is Ms....

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    So we all know how much I love to accessorize. So here's what I'm feeling this week, in no par...

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    What inspires me you ask? Pretty things on the inside and outside. I have a little list we can have atrys...

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