• #Fashion and #Writing: Major #Boss #Chic Essentials

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  • #Fashion and #Writing: Major #Boss #Chic Essentials
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 2, 2016
  • Being a bosschic (boss and chic) is hard work! These are essential to make for a happy day.

    Breaking news: from the office of a non-famous fashion copywriter and nonfiction writer. Enjoy!

    Pillows For Writers / Writing Pillow


    Did you know that taking just a 20-minute nap it makes your mind much sharper and more focused?

    So I nap regularly, wake up and get back to it.


    I love working out! It helps to increase my endorphins and makes me so much happier and healthier.

    I take one class a day at Equinox and I steam for 40 minutes coming out twice for a few minutes.

    Then I try to workout every other day with my trainer at his gym since you can bring a friend for free there.

    Green Tea Latté

    I am obsessed with Agave!

    Adding it to my green tea latté with coconut milk is a treat but also healthy.

    Pastel Pencils

    Freewrites (10-20 minute sessions between meetings)

    A writing session for me is like therapy. I'm currently writing in Flowstate. More on that to come.

    Pastel Moleskin Journals

    Reading Literary Journals

    I get so much inspiration from lit journals. They help me stay up to date with all the latest lit news and authors.

    I'm also workshopping my work to begin sending out again. So excited.

    Pastel Computer

    Stay fashionable.

    Happy writing!


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