• Celebrity: Chillin' With The Boys! Neyo and Columbus Short

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  • Celebrity: Chillin' With The Boys! Neyo and Columbus Short
  • Posted by: Lalanii, September 25, 2015
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    I was thrilled to hang with Neyo... even though my musical tastes have gone wayward... I am so sick of LOVE SONGS. Lol.

    Eh Neyo, where my feature at? 

    Neyo and Lalanii Rochelle

    No filter, no editing required and you know I was lookin' ... lol! Tonya Renee Banks was a firecracker, love that girl.

    And Columbus Short... I really really really miss you on Scandal, you know you really were my fav character.

    He was also very sweet. Good times. 

    Columbus Short, Tonya Renee Banks, Lalanii Rochelle

    And my assistant colleague and one of my very best friends, Keelyn Young and I.

    We on the red carpet, what we doin'?


    Keelyn Young, Lalanii Rochelle

    Wait bae... look up, they on us. 

    He said I was his future wife, so, I should be getting my ring like any day now. 

    No really, it's coming. LOL! Shawn "Hazz" McDonald, American Crime Story/Amercia's Most Wanted. 

    Shawn McDonald Lalanii Rochelle

    Shoulda been a model. 



    Lalanii Rochelle

    And you know... my purse was just serious. 

    LA Rochelle Givin' The Cam The Business!!!



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