• Dating: The Only Game I Have Time For is Tetris

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  • Dating: The Only Game I Have Time For is Tetris
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 11, 2015
  • Scratch that, haven't played that shit for six months. 


    Here are the top 5 ways to win in your relationship. Your situationship, your relationshit. Sorry, whatevs. 


    1. Be Upfront. Don't Be Honest. 

    Truth is, there's a real difference between being upfront and being honest. No, we don't want you to tell us we gained 17.5 lbs. since the last time you saw us. Yes, we do want you to say something fantastic and encouraging about the way we look, this isn't rocket science, this means I'm going to the gym 2x a day instead of a few times a week. Say something like "wow, new outfit. I like it," extra kudos to you if you manage to think up something specific to say about it "bae, yellow and grey looks good on you." 


    2. Outta Sight, Outta Mind. 

    I have a real problem with people in relationships or dating a person who they don't prioritize over others. Prioritize the person you know is a priority to you. Make that known. It doesn't matter who is looking. The fastest way to put me on auto-pilot-outta sight, is to not make my presence a priority to you. If I'm not that important, I'll be sure to be around someone who WILL make my presence important enough. 


    3. Who Calls Who, First?!

    Yea, another game, do not play. Call when you want. I'll answer when I can. Most girls will agree if you want to talk to a person, you should call them... but... 


    4. Please Have Conversation. 

    If nothing else be interesting. If I have to carry the conversation, I'm going to get very tired of holding it. Especially if your responses are slow, one-worded, interrupted, or not thoughtful. Try. 


    5. The Only Game I Have Time For Is Tetris.

    As previously stated.


    Oh, wait, I play The Sims too... but I'm definitely not playing those games with you. 




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