• Entertainment: Yep, I Proposed To Supermodel Sean O' Pry at #VFSC @VFSocialClub

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  • Entertainment: Yep, I Proposed To Supermodel Sean O' Pry at #VFSC @VFSocialClub
  • Posted by: Lalanii, February 26, 2016
  • So in other news… on the red carpet #vfsc with supermodel Sean O' Pry (you know him via Taylor Swift's video) I very cordially… proposed. 

    Ha! He was shocked, blushed, and I even got a coy smile out of him! He said he's mulling it over. He's so much fun.

     We posed and he hung around a bit for me as eye candy. The gals and I joked that he was channeling Edward from Twilight in this ad for #spicebomb. I was #teamedward all day so he can bite me ASAP. I also joked with @AdryennAshley that I'd have his babies and push them out immediately in like 12 seconds. I swear we need a YouTube channel, our personalities together... we were like fire!

    Sean O' Pry, as seen in Taylor Swift's video, Supermodel and Actor 

    Can't you see how beautiful our life together would be Sean? 😂

    Sidenote: Spice Bomb smells so extremely good, it is truly intoxicating. I will tell you it is one of my favorite smells and gunning for my absolute favorite cologne to smell on a man. Thanks Sean for your time on the red carpet! I'm waiting for my ring bae!

    Delicious aromas by #viktorandrolf 

    @viktor_and_rolf has additional yummy smells from #flowerbomb to #bonbon too.

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    Do you see me rubbing all over his neck tho? Sean O' Pry

    Do you see me rubbing all over his neck tho? Sean O' Pry, You can blow me up with this grenade. LOL. 

    Vikctor and Rolf's Spicebomb

    Seriously nicest guy ever. And this cologne? Is really a 'the bomb!' Wait, did people stop saying that? Whatevs. 

    Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf ... o yes, and macaroons

    And did you see the macaroons? Lordt. As yummy as Sean O' Pry. I promise. 


    Talking Mad Ish on the Red Carpet LOL

    Follow me on Instagram by clicking the pic above! Yes I talk major ish on red carpets, all day! 

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