• Grilliant - New Culver City Salad Restaurant is So Winning!

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  • Grilliant - New Culver City Salad Restaurant is So Winning!
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 15, 2015
  • Tender Greens, watch the F out. Lol. Arugula Salad so incredibly fresh with pine nuts, ripe avocado, balsamic (not too much, just right) and cherry tomatoes and chicken [you know I told them to hold the goat chees 'cuz of my lacty-ness ... but we know how flighty that actually is] splendid job Grilliant... just when I thought one more healthy restaurant in downtown Culver City just would not work... ta-daa!  


    Grilliant Patio


    The other thing I might add (because they actually opened a few days ago) is that the lemonade was ridiculously fresh and I overheard the guy say everything is organic. Whaaaaa?


    They apparently serve coffees, a frikkin' Watermelon Smoothie I gotta have next time (OMF'in gEE) and omelettes [don't sleep on that breakfast menu] and somebody strike me down there's a Lavender Latte. 


    Notebook waiting for food. LOL.

    A plus for the patio, that's apparently dog-friendly (at least before the food comes) although Notebook (my 3.5 lb Maltese) had a barking tantrum when the larger dogs came and showed out like they just left training school. The staff was super friendly like (3 days-open friendly) but I sorta liked that. I actually loved it. A plus they came and checked on me twice, and another plus for the wet bar (lemonade, iced tea, and lemon cucumber water) which "appeared to be" help yourself, which I take to mean FREE REFILLS. Don't threaten me with a good time. 


    And the main attraction aside from the cutest set-up... (I do love white-clean-clear open spaces) was ... the FREE WIFI, that worked rather fast and allowed me to sit here and pen this entire blog. Start to finish. Which by the way I was not paid to write (although usually that is the case) hey Grilliant ... send my check, yeaAAAaaaa?


    Grilliant Culver City Menu


    Loves it.  


    3850 Main Street Suite C (on Culver)

    Culver City, CA 90232

    424. 361. 5100





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