• Fashion & Hair Blog: Pastel Faux Dreadlocks + @MarcJacobs #MJSnapshot

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  • Fashion & Hair Blog: Pastel Faux Dreadlocks + @MarcJacobs #MJSnapshot
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 4, 2016
  • These pastel faux locks... I've wanted them for years. No exaggeration. Like seriously...years I've been dreaming of pastel dreadlocks and I'd originally wanted to color my own hair for them. But then, there's the process; what people refer to as the "ugly stage" of locs. The magnitude of understanding and upkeep, not to mention the permanence... I change my mind like my socks, earrings, and purses. How could I commit to a permanent hairstyle and not tire of it?

    Pastel Faux Dreadlocks - Marc Jacobs - Lifestyle Blogger


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    Pastel Faux Locs

    So then I found cute lil' faux 'locs which resemble crochet styles in the way they're seemingly 'braided' into your own hair, and I fell in love... but then what about color? Locs are so limited with what they can do if someone doesn't especially make them for you. So then came the weeks I began working with Cleo Wolfus. Game, changed.

    Pastel Faux Locs

    I picked out my colors to match my photo shoot and Movie Sketch Diary as you all will see unfold on my Instagram here. It's performance art/spokenword poetry in a series of stories that I'm launching on my Insta and Social Media as a prerequisite to my literary agent search for my memoir. I've been working with an editor and workshopping so the fun will be meeting all of these incredibly interesting people and networking with them to create the next stages of my career. I'm so excited!

    When I met the Cleo Wolfus Studio, I was floored! When I say a spectacular hair artist, I'm not saying this lightly. GORGEOUS! Pastel colored wool faux locs I'm so in love with. In my hair I am using one Sherbet Ponytail Fall and about 35 additional wool faux pieces in pastel colors: yellow, blue, peach, pink, and purple. Tons of compliments and even more stares... usually people just want to know WHAT is in my hair. LOL.

    Pastel Faux Dreadlocks - Creative Locs

    I took about 3 hours with the washing and drying and braiding of my natural hair. I don't get the "Don't Touch My Hair" syndrome because in all honesty if it weren't on top of my own head–there's a good chance I'd want to see at the very least and potentially touch someone's hair if it looked the way mine does. Common sense.

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    The upkeep is minimal, I sleep in a satin wrap and an oversized nightcap (the lengthy ones that cover long dreads) and I still workout (spin, run, and interval train) and I even go in the steam room with them. I spray them with lavender hair spray to keep them fresh and I let the water run through only the roots - NOT touching the actual woolies.

    Pastel Faux Locs Lifestyle Blogger Lalanii.com

    Marc Jacobs wasn't the originator of this look at all, but one of his latest fashion shows was adorbs and featured similar pastel locs (faux locs/dreadlocks) on models of different cultures and ethnicities... black, white (whatever) featuring an incredibly cute mix-up of colorful fashion and sass.

    I don't mind these on white, light, or black people––whoever... so, just to clear the air for all you crazies who take your lives too seriously... I don't see the hype behind WHO can wear locs or dreads or faux locks or whatever, truly. They're fun, and they beat all protective hairstyles I've had to-date (including crochet as it tends to tangle much more easily) and they are super conversation-worthy.

    I mean seriously. They take the cake and the ice cream!

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    Special thanks to Cleo Wolfus' Studio and Eric Heights Video/Photography.


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