• Beauty: DIY Tips For Winter to Spring Ready Skin

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  • Beauty: DIY Tips For Winter to Spring Ready Skin
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 18, 2016
  • Winter is here! Spring is coming! I love Spring.  But you know what’s not so great about Spring? Leftover dry skin… Ugh. I simply have to get rid of it! Luckily I found this Calm Soak and I’ll be featuring it this month! Stay tuned beauties and here are my tips to beat dry ashy winter skin and get your flawlessness back.

    1. Add almond or coconut oil to your favorite scent, put it in a spray bottle.

    2. Spray on in the steam room (I prefer some type of Eucalyptus Mint when I’m in there).

    3. Super hydrate with lots of water, I’ve been using the gallon jug – this way I can chug faster since I rarely like to drink water anyway.

    4. Add lemon and cucumber to said room temp water, put it in fridge then carry it with you all day, you’ll forget it's water once you make it a habit!

    5. Use an oil free sunscreen with the highest SPF you feel comfortable with. I like high spf. I use Origins.


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